What We Accept…

At Stealing Sailors, we are dedicated to all things that drive sailors mad. That being said some things are clearly a bit easier to print than others. Poetry, fiction, editorials, art, photography and the other usual guests are listed below. Have something unique, and want to see if we can include it? Send it along, we will do all that we can to help!

Do I Definitely Get Published…?

All submissions will be reviewed by our sirens, and you’ll receive a response promptly! We hope to publish as much work as possible, though we do have standards. Please be sure to keep your work with the theme of the season, and be sure that you haven’t already published the work elsewhere! If, for some reason, we do decide that your work is simply not right for the issue, we may ask to hold the piece for a future issue, and we will always be in contact!

Will I Get Paid…?

We at Stealing Sailors are still young, that being said at this point all profit made from the magazine will be put towards the future of the magazine. However we do believe that your work is worth it! Ideally there will come a day, soon, that we will be able to pay all of our contributors! That will be a happy day! Until then, we hope you are as happy to help us grow, as we are to help you get your work out to a bi-coastal audience!

How Long Can My Piece Be…?

The lengths for pieces submitted should adhere to the following guidelines. However, we are flexible! All pieces should also include a short bio, and your name as you would like to see it in print.

Poetry: 1-5 poems.

Fiction: Minimum 2 pages, maximum 6 pages.

Articles: Minimum 1 page, maximum of 2 pages.

Photography: Minimum of 3 images with a resolution of 300dpi, maximum of 8 images with a resolution of 300dpi.

Art: Minimum of 1 piece, maximum of 4 pieces.

Any Other Rules…?

There is one obvious rule. We’re still going to say it! DO NOT STEAL ANOTHER PERSONS WORK! The only theft around here should be that of sailors. Good? Good.