The Sirens Song: Our Story


Welcome to the website for Stealing Sailors Magazine! Glad to see we’ve lured you in! We’re still working out the kinks on our sight, so there will be no sailors drowning today! Please be sure to check back often, and keep in touch with our facebook page! We work quickly, and things should be as smooth as a sirens song in no time!

The Sirens of Stealing Sailors MagazineĀ 

Aubrey Gohl and Amanda Beveridge reside on opposite shores of the United States. Aubrey in sunny California, and Amanda on the unpredictable east coast! The two work tirelessly to pump out a magazine that they belief in and share the title of Editors in Reef (they are both quite fond of puns.)


Amanda Beveridge is a siren of a songstress who teaches music by day, and lures sailors to their doom by night. She graduated with a degree in Creative Writing, from the sea sideĀ Endicott College, and loved her time creating by the beach. Amanda is an avid lover of mythology, fantasy, but her interests are as vast as the sea.


Aubrey Gohl is a sunshine cynic and aspiring mermaid who loves a variety of prose. She graduated with a degree in literature and creative writing from a small liberal arts college in western Massachusetts. She can be found on the beaches of California basking in the sun with her nose in a book.



Quick Facts

-Stealing Sailors is a seasonal publication. Our fifth issue will be out this Summer, 2018!

-Stealing Sailors is a literary and artistic magazine with a focus on fantasy!

-We stole our name (just kidding) from our creators favorite song: Brandy, by The Looking Glass! By twisting a few words, we turned a love song into a creative endeavor! Here’s hoping we fair better than the sailors!